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Project management involves skills and expertise that can help manage small to large-scale projects very effectively. Essentially, project management is about dividing the workload into smaller sections and delegating responsibilities to competent supervisors. The professional diploma in project management will give you all the knowledge on this subject.

In this course, you will first learn the basics of project management. You will also learn the work and resource breakdown structure, the preparation of a basic schedule, a project planning worksheet, and more. After that, you will learn how to plan, sell and prepare a project, the role of a project manager, budgeting, teamwork and development, communication, etc. The content of this course will help you better prepare for the future.

Diploma in Project Management

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Tell what was meant by a project
      Decode what project management means
      Identify the benefits of projects
      Recognize the stages in the life cycle of a project
      Learn how to sell ideas as well as give presentations related to a project
      Learn how to prioritize projects
      Begin to conceptualize the project, involving the objectives, as well as the vision statements
      Apply project planning tools
      Find out how you can help develop a statement of work
      Realize what a project means
      Identify the steps that must be taken to complete projects on time and within budget
      Achieve better ability to sell your ideas as well as prepare presentations
      Get to know simple methods as well as tools to plan and monitor your project
      Learn the techniques to keep the team motivated and focused at the same time.
      Realize what a project means
      Differentiate between a project charter and a statement of work (SOW)
      Apply a SOW to start planning your project
      Generate a work breakdown structure to determine the tasks required to complete a small project
      Produce a project schedule anchored to project tasks with resources
      Build a resource allocation structure to correct the specific resources needed to complete a small project
      Complete a project planning worksheet to act as a touchstone for the completion of your project
      Recognize the tasks and resources of your project
      Give orders for tasks by applying the work breakdown structure
      Do planning tasks skillfully
      Leverage fundamental planning tools, e.g. Gantt chart, PERT chart, as well as network chart
      Make a project budget
      Correct the project budget as well as the schedule to achieve the objectives
      Identify and manage risks
      Recognize and learn to manage risks
      Develop a final project strategy
      Implement and terminate a project
      Improvise and manage a change control formula
      Think carefully when selecting a project team
      Create the best of an assigned team
      Help the team go through different stages to be a successful unit
      Increase productivity during team meetings
      Give rewards and inspire your team
      Improve and apply a communication plan
      Have regular communications with sponsors and leaders in a more positive way
      Recognize plans for resolving issues with team members
  • The Professional Diploma in Project Management is certified by the CPD and CiQ qualification standards. This makes it perfect for anyone trying to learn potential professional skills.

    As there is no experience and qualification required for this course, it is available to all students of any academic background.

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